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Kelly and James at Greystoke Castle

Some days just turn out brilliant from start to finish. Kelly and James' wedding at Greystoke Castle was one of those days so I just had to write this blog post as a preview for our lovely couple.

This was Greystoke Castle under a threatening sky first thing in the morning. Great to see one of Sarah's Bakerwood Marquees in the grounds for the day ahead: guaranteed yummy food and luscious surroundings!

Now, I heard a rumour that James might be a little nervous, but it doesn't show here at all: handsome and ready for the day ahead:

Meanwhile the girls were busy:

And Kelly emerged looking beautiful.

First sight as the bride comes down the aisle: a touching moment:

… and then the ceremony was over and we welcomed the newly-weds in the grandeur of the Great Hall.

We took a couple of minutes away to make some portraits in the fabulous surroundings…

… and we simply had to make use of the imposing entrance for this one:

Much later on, there was a break in the drizzle, so I took the boys round the back to a little courtyard for this:

and then Kelly and James bravely came back out to the lakeside, despite the rain!

The rain got worse. The girls (mostly) didn't mind dashing out with brollies for this! ;-)

And then the night got properly under way with Kelly and James' first dance to a number by the impressive duo 'Highly Strung'.

And to finish: the marquee looking fantastic against the night sky.

A frequently asked question: Why Queensberry Albums?

Here's a question we get asked a lot, so I thought it worth making this post as a reference for the future. The question is: "why do you go to the bother of having wedding albums made halfway round the world?!"

And it's true: we offer our clients fabulous albums made in New Zealand by Queensberry. Why? Because our clients demand the best so it's well worth dealing with a bindery all those thousands of miles away.

And here's the best way to see why Queensberry's albums are so beautiful:

Made by hand from Queensberry on Vimeo.

Bid for a family portrait shoot!

Come to the Ivegill Primary School charity auction on Friday 14th for the opportunity to bid on our contribution: a mini portrait session on location with a large complementary print and your own online gallery of the experience. As regular reader know, we no longer promote our portrait photography since getting so busy with our weddings so this is a rare chance to have us create art of your life. Come along to Ivegill on the 14th at 7pm and support our local school!

And now I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity to post a few snaps of my boys; keep you updated with their progress…

So here's all of us

… and little Harry (aka 'Harry Barry the Fish with Fingers')

… and Alexander with some fabulous dragon wings that we made for him.

Sally and Paul's Engagement

Someone asked me the other day "what is an engagement shoot all about?" So here's an example…

The idea is for us to get to know you before the wedding day itself; how weird it would be to turn up at a wedding not having spent some time with the couple!

So here are a couple of shots from Sally and Paul's pre-wedding session, who will be married at St Begas Church and then Armathwaite Hall next year. We met in Caldbeck and spent an hour or so wandering and chatting and working on a few photographs in different situations. So now the guys know what I'm like and we can all look forward to their wedding!

Ali and Ben's Wedding in Dean, then at Winder Hall, Lorton

Well it looks like the last post to my blog was for a wedding near the East coast, so here's one from the West coast, around Workington… for a couple who live in Australia…

Ben and Ali flew back to the UK a couple of weeks ago when we met up for a pre-wedding session and to finalise the plans we'd arranged remotely (and with Mum Carol!). A couple of photos from this set before we get to the wedding:

… and this one outside St Oswald's in Dean:

Anyway, then it was the big day itself. Beautiful rings:

and a beautiful (excitable!) bride:

Meanwhile, the blokes were cool, calm and collected. Here's Ben, very smart!

And before we knew it, time to go to church at St Oswald's.

…and then it was all over! Confetti everywhere! Brilliant!

So back to Winder Hall and the clouds started to come over: time to do something interesting.

And the girls came into Winder Hall's lovely little garden.

… followed by the boys…

and then a great end to the evening with the ceilidh band. Got everyone up and dancing that's for sure!

OK, that's a quick whizz through the day for Ben and Ali to see before they jet off Stateside. A&B: hope you enjoy this little preview!
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